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Your financial challenges and opportunities are unique to you, so your financial plan should be too. What matters to us is getting to know you so that we can be certain we’re giving you the best and most appropriate advice for your unique circumstances.

We know that our clients make decisions about more than just themselves.  We work with individuals who have the welfare of their family at the forefront of their mind to help them achieve what they need to, for their own and their families ongoing security.

More than anything else, our clients matter. Our clients come to us from all walks of life and professions, and can be still working or retired. They come for advice on financial planning, investing, retirement, inheritance tax, and other business related financial advice.

Relationships are built on knowledge and trust, which are important components of successfully managing our clients portfolios.  Our clients tell us we take the time to fully understand their changing needs and objectives, and we’re proud of their feedback and testimonials.

As independent financial advisers, our commitment to building long-term relationships with clients comes through our ability to provide holistic financial planning solutions without being tied to recommending one particular set of products or one particular company.  

This means that whatever your requirements, you can feel confident we have the breadth of experience and expertise to make the most of the present and to adequately plan for your future – whatever you may plan for it to hold.

It’s due to this approach, flexibility and experience that we have been able to grow - we’re where we are today because of you, and those who came before you.

Putting all of our experience into practice on a daily basis is our way of ensuring we continue to give excellent service to all of our clients, old and new alike. We know that our clients want to grow, protect and manage their wealth. We know the numbers matter to our clients. But our clients are not a number to us - our client relationships matter.

A big part of this experience comes in knowing that our clients make decisions about more than just themselves. For our clients nowadays, financial planning isn’t just about themselves, it’s about their families and helping the younger generation.  That’s why we take the time to listen to clients who want to tell us about their personal motivations for savings. This helps us create the right financial plans for the most important asset in our client’s lives: their families. Before we undertake any work, we’ll discuss the charges with our clients in advance, so they can see exactly what they will be charged without any hidden extras.

We believe attention to detail matters, and we take pride in the accuracy of our work on behalf of our clients. Attention to detail includes our research on new investment trends, and keeping up with the changing marketplace, and we ensure all of our staff have up-to-date knowledge to give our clients the best possible service. Today’s savings and retirement options have opened up an array of planning possibilities, typically this will cover areas such as pension requirements, family protection, estate planning, savings and investments.  

In the initial phase we will conduct a thorough fact finding process, designed to leave no stone unturned, to be able to assess your complete financial need. This is the ‘foundation setting’ of your holistic financial plan. This can include:

  • Reviewing your full financial position and lifestyle needs, identifying goals, in the short, medium and long-term and exploring your attitude to risk.

  • Developing a plan – one based on comprehensive advice to ensure that you make the right financial decisions, offering value for money, and consistent performance.

  • Putting your plan into action – we provide a clear timetable of what we will do and by when.

  • Staying on track – we monitor and review your plan regularly, providing updates and reports. 

Being independent matters - to us, and to you. We are not driven by product sales. We prefer to come up with solutions which meet your needs. Our principal activity is to look after your money wherever it is invested. This could be in ISAs, pensions or other investment vehicles.  As independent financial advisers, we have the widest possible choice of investments and financial products to meet your needs and we’re not tied to recommending anything, unless it’s in your best interests for us to do so.

Looking after your money matters. Financial Planning is a long term business. We believe that the relationship between ourselves and our clients must be right for both parties, and we’re proud of the number of our clients who stay with us long-term and have us manage their financial investments for their lifetime. 

Tax planning matters, and we take account of the current tax regime when making recommendations to ensure that your affairs are managed as tax efficiently as possible.

Retirement planning matters, especially in times of austerity and economic uncertainty like at present. Putting aside enough money during our working life to live on when we retire involves careful and early planning, and we’re here to guide you through all of it.

Performance matters, and we like to make sure your investments stay firmly on track. As financial planners and wealth managers, much of what we do involves long-term planning and that can include adjustments to economic / world factors along the way.

There are many different types of investment solutions, and deciding where to invest your money is not an easy thing to do. Our team will advise you on the degree of risk of each option and the likely outcomes to match your expectations. Our approach starts with establishing clear goals for the future use of your money, through the personal strategy we build for you after we’ve spent the time - and the questions - getting to know you.

Returns on your investment matters. All clients will of course wish to maximise investment returns at an acceptable level of risk and volatility as part of their plan to build financial security. Our investment process allows us to create diversified investment portfolios with varying risk profiles. We work with you to identify your broader financial goals, integrating tax, investment and estate advice around your needs, providing a solution that takes into account the bigger picture. This means we can adapt your strategy and portfolio in response to market conditions, significant global events, as well as to changes in your personal situation.

You, and your future, matter. Let us help you take care of it all.

Start planning your future. Speak to us today.

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