Consider this an investment advice guide for beginners, with simple terms and commonly used phrases explained. Before deciding on any investments yourself, it’s always the case that you should speak to an Independant financial adviser to put you on the right path.

Here at Seventy Financial Planning, we offer advice on savings, investments, insurance and protection and we advise on how you reach your future life goals by managing your money wisely and planning for the future.

Is investing right for me?

There are no guarantees when you invest in the stock market, your money can go up as well as down in value. We can't tell you whether investing is right for you without getting to know you better, which is why we conduct a thorough assessment of your personal circumstances and goals with all our clients so we can be sure we’re giving them the right advice.

What is an investment?

An investment is quite different from putting your cash in a bank account where it sits to earn interest. An investment is a gamble: instead of the security of guaranteed returns, you're taking a risk with your money. The hope is that you make a lot more than you put in, but there's always the possibility you could end up with less. The reason people generally accept these risks is that, historically speaking, the stock market has offered a greater long-term return than deposit based cash accounts.

What can I invest in?

You can invest in almost anything, including the following:

  • Shares

  • Bonds

  • Managed Funds

  • Government bonds (gilts)

  • Property 

... to the more unusual, such as….

  • Vintage cars

  • Wine

  • Fledgling technology firms

  • Art, e.g. paintings, sculptures

Remember, the value of an investment can go down as well as up, and you should always seek advice from a professional, independent financial adviser before you start.

What’s the most popular form of investment?

Investing in the stock market is most people’s first experience of investing - However, we always recommend you seek independent financial advice prior to making any decisions..

Can I invest by putting my money in the stock market?

Yes you can.  Investing in stock markets is a gamble: while you could win, you could also lose capital. Because of this, it’s vital that you carefully consider numerous factors first. Understanding both the “pros and cons” by using the services of an IFA will help you to make better, more informed decisions.

What kind of growth can I expect from investing?

This is usually the question that most investors want an answer to – and the reason behind most people's decision to put their cash into the stock market. We'll be blunt: we can't actually tell you what you will get (and don't believe anyone who says they know specifically how investments will perform in the future – they're simply guessing!). Our financial planning process  will focus on what’s the right advice for you, taking into account all of your circumstances. This means we will tailor our advice to best suit your needs.

Does risk affect the return on my investment?

Usually, the greater return you want, the more risk you'll usually have to accept as risk and reward are generally linked together over time. It’s worth speaking to us to find out more and to ensure you’re getting the right advice.

My investments are going down, should I sell?

It’s important not to panic and to remember that investments can and do go down as well as up. Don’t be tempted to follow the herd and buy or sell just because everybody else is: take the time to consult your financial adviser, to be sure you make the right decisions regarding your investment, working to your long-term plan.

Is investing right for me?

It doesn't matter if you're about to buy your first share or pick a stock market fund for the first time, always ask yourself why you're looking to invest.

Over the long term, historically stocks and shares have outperformed deposit based savings accounts.

Talk to us before making any decisions, so we can be sure that you’re benefiting from a tailored plan to suit you.

How much should I set aside to invest monthly?

This depends entirely on your circumstances, and is different for everybody. Establishing a goal, a risk profile and a capacity for loss are key components of a well rounded plan.

What is a share?

A share is simply a divided-up unit of the value of a company. For example, if a company is worth £100 million, and there are 50 million shares, each share is worth £2 (usually listed as 200p). Those shares can, and do, go up and down in value for various reasons.

Companies issue shares to raise money and investors (that's you) buy shares in businesses because they believe the company will do well and they want to 'share' in its success.

Before deciding which investments to purchase we recommend you take advice from a fully qualified and accredited independent financial advisor.

What is a fund?

A fund is simply one way to buy a grouping of shares – but instead of you buying a slice of a company directly, you give your cash to a specialist manager who pools it with money from other investors (like you) to go and buy numerous shares simultaneously in a “fund”.

Each fund is made up of 'units' so, if you want to invest, you'll need to buy units – and these come at a cost which varies from day to day.

For more advice on this, and all other forms of investment, talk to us ((LINK to callback form)) and let’s see how we can help you.

Should I invest in an ISA?

ISAs are attractive because of their tax-privileged status. However, before deciding if it’s the best use of your savings it’s worth taking advice from an expert to ensure you make the right decision.

Where can I go to investment advice?

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