At Seventy Financial Planning, since our inception, we have used our own three-step process to create successful outcomes for our clients.

By following our unique and simple system, we can deliver our advice in confidence knowing that we will meet all of the client’s objectives simply by following our easy to understand, yet comprehensive, process.

Our financial planning process has been designed to carefully analyse your current financial situation to assess both your short term goals and your long term aspirations. Our financial planners will talk you through your financial goals in a clear and concise manner so that they can develop a full understanding of your best courses of action.

Step One: Fact-Finding

Firstly, we need to get a full and proper picture of you, your life, your current net worth - this includes looking at your current cash flow, any credit card debt, any stocks or bonds you have and any investment and pension accounts you currently have.

If you know in advance that the most critical thing our financial advisors are going to need to know at that first meeting is about you and your current financial state of affairs, you can come to that meeting prepared and with all pertinent information to hand.

Once the information gathering has been done, we will discuss with you your future plans and dreams. This is an important part of the ‘getting to know you’ stage because it helps us move onto the next stage, where we’re planning for how we could help you achieve those aims.

We adhere to all current GDPR regulations and your personal information is treated in the strictest confidence, and never sold on to a third party. The only reason we need all of the above information about your financial present is so that we can give you the best possible advice about your financial future.

Step Two: Preparation

Once you’ve left us after that first meeting, we then get stuck into some serious cash-flow modelling and projections, using market-leading software.

We use all our understanding of your current and future needs combined with our understanding of what the markets and economy are likely to do, to work up and forecast various scenarios and combinations of scenarios.

This modelling and our commitment to ensuring we’ve exhausted every viable possibility for you, are what makes our policy recommendations so unique. 

We’re determined to ensure that you will know exactly how likely your dreams and aspirations are to materialise into reality and create you a step-by-step guide of how to get there.

Step Three: Implementation

For your future financial security, any implementation only begins after we’ve carefully reviewed our recommendations for you together and jointly agreed on the way forwards.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred path from our recommendations and instructed us to proceed, we then begin our formal role as your financial management partners.

On your behalf, we’ll handle all the following throughout the year for you.

  • All fund and policy administration matters and paperwork

  • Issuing your documents in line with your expectations and statutory body guidance

  • Confirm all actions undertaken on your behalf in writing

Throughout the year, we’ll provide you with regular performance and progress updates.

Once a year, we’ll perform an annual review and essentially revisit all of the above three steps to ensure we maintain our focus on your desired goals and outcomes.

To start planning your future, contact us today. We’re experienced in all matters of financial planning so, no matter how unique your circumstances, we can guarantee our commitment to understanding you and working with you to an agreed set of future goals.

Your sound financial health is our primary concern. You’ll find our dedicated team of professional advisors only too happy to listen, to help and to plan with you.


Start planning your future. Speak to us today.

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